About Raws


My real name is Rozalynn Faszer; Roz for short, hence the blog title.   I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and despite this I’ve always enjoyed the Fine Arts such as drawing and writing. Some find it odd when they learn about either part.  My artistry started way before college, but I chose to develop other skills instead when decided on a major. Since graduating, I’ve rediscovered my love of photography, drawing and creative writing. Now I just need to find a job that combines both my computer side and my creative side.

About the Blog

I began this blog at the end of my 6 months stay in Osaka, Japan. After leaving it dead for two years I’ve returned and want to get serious about blogging again.

Most of my blogs will center around events happening in my life or whatever I happen to feel like writing about. Aside from posts about my life I share my thoughts on manga and books I’ve read. I also am an amateur photographer and usually post at least one new photo up every week on Fridays; plus more when I can’t find the time to sit down alone to write.

I’ve loved Japanese animation ever since I first saw Unico on the Disney channel back in the late 80s. I’m now an avid reader of Japanese manga and occasionally watch anime. But before my rediscovery of anime I fell in love with my first JRPG, Final Fantasy 7. Playing that game got me into writing fan fiction and ever since then I’ve created stories. You can read my random writings in the links below.

FF7Fan Fiction

Short Stories

I write most of these entries on the fly with little to no editing (though I rarely make mistakes) so if you find an error please tell me. Thank you.



  1. Love the photo of Kanchi up here^^

    • Thank you! I took that in Yoyogi park in Tokyo.

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