Posted by: Raws | November 23, 2011

Job + Boyfriend + Reading + Life = No Time for Blogging

And so I disappeared for three months.

I find blogging very therapeutic (when I get up the courage to write) but post-a-day was starting to turn into a weekly picture dump-a-day. I just wanted to be a part of something lots of others were doing.  And to prove to myself I could accomplish one thing this year that I wanted to do.  But at the end of August I got a job, then at the end of September my boyfriend returned from Japan. Chaos ensued from there.  Not to mention the Fall Book Rush.

Since the start of my silence I’ve read many a book, driven many a mile, and opened many a box.  For the books I’ve read you could check out my Goodreads account RawsFaze. I’ve driven to see my boyfriend/friends/family whenever there’s a break in my work schedule. And my job requires me to open many boxes and/or sensor many clothes. Too many “many”s?

Life is overwhelming at times.

I’ll try blogging at least once a month if not once a week.


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