Posted by: Raws | August 1, 2011

Manga Monday: FLCL (Furi Kuri or Fooly Cooly)

This is one of those stories I recommend reading and watching. I saw the show first and then went in search of the manga.  It really doesn’t matter which you see first, though reading just the manga will leave you more confused than if you just watched the anime. The endings are also different but both tell the crazy confusing coming of age tale of twelve-year-old Naota starting with his first dizzying encounter with Haruka (who’s on the hunt for the space pirate Atomsk).

The manga is only two volumes with a simple yet powerful art style.  It leaves many things unsaid and is more show than tell.  Be ready to use your brain a bit when trying to follow this dark twisting tale.

My favorite character is of course Canti (Kanchi/Kanti/whichever) in all his incarnations.  He’s one of the coolest looking robots out there in anime and manga. He wouldn’t be on my blog’s header if I didn’t like him the best.  6.6   Just look at how sweet he looks comforting Naota!!

Now if you like guitars, Vespas, aliens, robots, or a crazy fast-paced coming of age story, then maybe you’ll enjoy both the anime and manga of FLCL.

It was originally published by Tokyopop, but according to an article Dark Horse plans to release it in an omnibus. If you can you should support the official release!

*all images were obtained from – thank you*


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