Posted by: Raws | June 21, 2011

Melancholy and Fan-Art of Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time!

Things are getting a bit depressing around here, making me melancholy.  Being at my dad’s without my sister is always hard for me.  After a few days I acclimate but till then I’ll be irritable.  The sad thing is my step mother’s father is in critical condition at the hospital right now…  I’ve known him for over thirteen years, so even though we aren’t related by blood I still consider him family.  Stupid cancer.  This’ll be the second person to die from cancer in my “extended” family (that I know of).  This battle has raged since 2008 so I’m at least thankful for the time he has had.  My uncle had just over a year after being diagnosed.

I started out the day depressed so to cheer myself up I drew a picture of Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time!  Here’s a picture of the un-colored Lady! (when I get home I’ll actually scan this so it’ll look better)



  1. oh my goodness :< im so sorry to hear that! hope that he will be well.

    ps. that unicorn is so darn cute

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