Posted by: Raws | June 16, 2011

It Happened Again, Another One Sided Rage-fest Ensues Over a Dumb Issue

A family member of mine can work himself into horrible rages every once in a while. When these are directed at me it usually ends in tears.  This particular time left me crying and shaking in panic.  Like always, things got out of control over a misinterpretation of words.  Today’s blow up started when I tried justifying why my sister and I had left the front door unlocked when we’ve gone out to exercise.  Someone was always at the house and if we’re ever gone for longer than 45 minutes we ask someone to lock the door behind us. Plus, most women’s workout clothing don’t have pockets… When I’m accused of endangering the lives of people I love I will damn well be given the chance to explain myself.

When this happens I end up shutting down.  Yelling never gets my words across any clearer.  And for me anger never lasts.  When a person is in a rage like that it’s best to not say anything else to them.  For years, after every one of these I’ve tried to discover the trigger situation.   I thought it was just “talking back” or “back talk” but now that I’m an adult don’t I have the right to justify my actions? I guess not.

There’s not enough communication either,  but of course the reason this person can’t “say anything” is because of the one-sided arguments that “always happen” when we talk about any hot issue.  I’m not the one that looses it first when these things happens.  I’m usually pretty calm until the raging starts.  When these are aimed at me I usually end up fanning the flames because I try to defend myself.  Next time I’ll just walk away.  Though that may not help either.

I just had to get this out of my system.  This has happened before and I’m beginning to wonder what the real issue is underneath the rage.

Hopefully none of my family will notice this post.  I don’t want anyone else getting pissed off. I’m glad I won’t be around for the next two weeks.


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