Posted by: Raws | June 7, 2011

Reading Too Many Books and Doing Too Many Things at Once

Yesterday I mentioned reading burnout in my review. Sadly I’m still burnt out with reading. Or it might be because of the lack of pills I’ve taken for my supposed ADD. No job = no money = no health care = no pills.  I’ve battled this since I can’t remember and if I want to get anything done in a timely manner (by society standards) then I usually have to take something unless someone pressures me into doing things. I’m really not sure what’s happening with me but the one thing I’m sure of is that I do things when they’ve become a habit such as this blog and reading.

Typing of reading, there’s only one book I’m feeling affection for lately and that’s the Young Miles anthology. All the others I lose interest in reading after a few lines.  Does ADD act up? Anyway, once I figured this out I began looking at all the books I’m in the middle of reading. There are a lot now such as Catch 22, White Witch Black Curse,  The Spirit Eater, Clockwork Angel, Dresden Book #3, Dead in the Family, Masques, Tapping the Dream Tree, etc. Don’t get me started on manga either… or my own stories.

The one I’m finding the hardest to finish is Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  Too much fluff/emotion from characters that aren’t interesting enough to me. I love the concept but there’s just not enough pain or angst in the story. I think I’ll skim until I get to the juicy bits no more romance. I probably should not have picked a book about love but the dystopian factor won me over.

I’ve lost interest because something more enticing is happening with my own stories.  For the last 24 hours I’ve come down off a creation high courtesy of my fantasy universe.  It’s like having caffeine for the first time with the inevitable crash at the end. I’ve always wondered if doctors would consider it a form of addiction. I do live for these high points and everything I do is to experience them more often. I’ve found that any form of storytelling helps (shows, books, movies) and a variety of life experiences. The point that bothers me the most is that I have nothing to show for it.  That’s way I’m trying to write any and all things down that I think up.  At the moment, most of it is still in my head and I need to do something with all these stories before they all fade away. If I don’t. I really don’t see a reason for living.

Living according to others’ desires isn’t the way I want to live my life anymore. And I don’t want to be chained by my desires either.  Balance is always hard to keep up. I’m just not strong enough to do it alone. That’s why I’ll continue to write on this blog everyday even when I don’t feel like it.


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