Posted by: Raws | June 4, 2011

More Multiplayer Minecraft: The Nether and Lightning

Another late post due to Minecraft.  For the last two nights we’ve played Minecraft, so I now have quite an impressive stack of screenshots. With the new update my friends and I can go to the Nether together. The first portal we made placed us right on the edge of a lava pit. I was lucky enough to go in the opposite way and come out on the side with NetherRack under my feet. It also helped that I doused myself in water to stop the burning. Casey and my sis were not as lucky.  They both died, but I remained in the Nether and quickly made a shelter to protect myself from the Ghasts.  Those things bathe in lava for crying out loud!

After everyone came back we made a bigger shelter, which was then invaded by Pigmen.  Casey ended up trapping one in a fiery pit since it wouldn’t get out!

Here are some screenshots of the action.

There’s a lava pool on the other side of that portal.

This last one was taken during our first thunder and lightning storm on the server! It’s the only screenshot I managed to capture the lightning in.


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