Posted by: Raws | May 30, 2011

Fanime Con 2011: Last Day


The last day of Fanime feels sad, but I’m also relieved because it is rather tiring. One guy only had 14 hours of sleep over the course of five days. I for one didn’t drink enough water and eating a cup of noodles didn’t help with the dehydration. I really don’t like Arrowhead water and that’s all there was. Getting over my disgust was hard. Other than that Fanime 2011 was fun.
I would post a cool photo of a drawing but I was told not to brag… Everyone who attends the con can get the GOHs signatures and sometimes even drawings you just have to see the guests at the right time!! Anyway, I will be posting more Con pictures on Wednesday.

Next week, Manga Monday will continue.


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