Posted by: Raws | May 24, 2011

Writing Limbo #7: Switching Things Up to Get a Different Feel

I’ve totally been slacking on writing more of my novel Limbo, but I have written more.  Writing from Ren’s POV has been a rather interesting experience and I may stick with it.  So here’s what I’ve written so far from Ren.  She’s a bit like me but way more in control of things.


I woke up tired and sore despite the plush-y seat. The last time I’d slept in a car was twelve years ago when my grandparents drove out to the newly constructed city-dome to start a new life.  Their car had’d been as nice as this one but spending a night in it sure felt the same.  My neck stiff as a board and an ache running through my body.  

I crack open my eyes just a bit enough to see we’ve reached our first destination, a CS in the nearest town from the dome.  Here we’ll get supplies and information about the outside.  Information on the Wasteland, as society calls it, is next to impossible to find within the dome.  Even on the Net, any useful info we’ve found is neatly scrubbed away within hours of its appearance.  We learned quickly never to email each other about Reavers or any mention of the things that’ve happened out in the Wasteland. Maybe now we’ll finally be able to get some answers.

A yawn bursts from me as I fully open my eyes and stretch out my neck. I sneak a glance at Anthony while I take in our surroundings. He looks as awake as ever; due mostly the energy drinks, which now litter the floor. The only signs of the long night drive are held in his dark blue eyes.  Everything about him is dark just in different colors.  The lightest parts are his skin and the copper spots in his wavy dark chocolate hair.  Our eyes barely meet as I turn in my seat to look at our friends in the back. 

Anthony’s brother, Martin, is very similar to his brother in complexion and looks but his hair carries none of the copper strands that Anthony’s has. Plus his eyes are a lighter blue and are wide with excitement. 

Cyra and Zander on the other hand are still waking up. Cyra is the next to wake and as always with her usual effortless grace. Right next to her, in all his effortless non-grace, Zander still has his face plastered to the window with his mouth hanging open. My fingers itch to roll down the window on him.  But I’ve missed my chance when he jerks away from the window as if he’d felt my intentions.

I catch the fear and confusion that flashes over his face. His frantic emotions shoot through me as if they’re my own and then it’s over as he gets his bearings.  The whole thing passes so fast no one else notices. Cyra instinctually presses a hand on his knee to reassure him of her presence. Everyone, excluding Martin, knew why Zander was so freaked and it had taken some convincing on Cyra’s part to get him to come. Revenge can by a powerful motivator sometimes. 


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