Posted by: Raws | May 23, 2011

Manga Monday: Dark Edge

Since Fanime Con 2011 is al most upon us I thought it proper that I showcase a manga I discovered during the convention. Dark Edge by Yu Aikawa first caught my attention in Fanime’s dealer’s hall where each volume was being sold for five bucks a piece.  What a deal~ I thought.  I bought the first one and devoured it.  So naturally I bought up the rest of them! Now a days the books aren’t as cheap but I don’t mind supporting the smaller publishers.

This series is one of the few horror manga I’ve enjoyed over the years.  The art isn’t anything special but the story is what got me hooked.  This one has a supernatural focus with Nosferatu/Vampires, Succubi, Zombies, etc.  And it all takes place within a school so naturally there is a pinch of school drama and most of the characters are in school uniforms.  Since it is purely character driven the surrounding environment is not very detailed so don’t expect to see gorgeous backdrops or much real world interaction like in another horror manga such as Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.

Check it out if you like horror, supernatural stuff, or character driven plot.



  1. I have had this manga for at least three years (the first four volumes) and then I randomly found vols 5 and 6 and only until recently i acquired volumes 7-10. I thought 10 was the last one but it isnt. it goes up to 15. Do u you know where I could get the last 5 volumes? this series been out for a while now (i think since 2002 to 2008) I really want to know what happens…

    This manga gets to u huh? i kno i cant put it down.

    • DrMaster has published up to volume 10 but it appears to have been dropped… and judging by the silence from the company they’re probably out of business. At this point, the best we can hope for are fan made scanlations. Sadly, the manga business appears to be in decline at the moment.

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