Posted by: Raws | May 17, 2011

Visiting San Juan Bautista

Today we all went to the San Juan Bautista Mission. Here in California most of the schools go tour the nearest Mission usually in fourth grade. The last time I was there was in fourth grade. I can barely remember my first time there except that my mom came as a chaperone and we bought rock candy and ate ice cream. I get the sense that not much has changed over the years. But this time I was one of the chaperones along with my mom, step-dad, and sister.

We had a lot of fun looking around the old Mission. Keeping watch over the students wasn’t too hard either. Though they were on their best behavior. Since my mom’s disabled she had to go rest in the car while we finished touring with the kids. Around one pm us girls struck out on our own to Carmel. Fun times were had by all while we shopped and had dessert at The Tuck Box.

Now we’re finally back home. Getting up at six this morning has taken its toll. I’ll be in bed early tonight! Until tomorrow!



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