Posted by: Raws | May 10, 2011

Writing Limbo #6: Switching Views

At the end of segment #5 I said I’d try to re-write a part from the old stuff.  Not a good idea.  Because it was such a bad idea I never even did it.  I have to start fresh. Looking at the old stuff gives me inspiration but when I try to re-work it to fit the changes I’ve made I get too bogged down in the words.  That’s what revisions are for. So after sitting on this concept for two weeks I’ve finally figured out what I want to do.  I’m going to add more perspective to the story by changing the viewpoint.

Up till now Limbo was shot from Martin’s view.  He doesn’t know what’s really going on and he doesn’t believe in Reavers, so not much more to gain from him till they get to the house.  I’ll be switching to Ren’s view for this next segment because you’ll learn more about the world than you would’ve from Martin without giving too much away. She’s the decisive one, who sets the goals and sees them through. She’s the main driving force behind the group’s decision to leave.  She doesn’t have as tragic a past as the others and stands to gain more from leaving the dome than them.

I would’ve switched to Zander’s view, but I feel that his story would unveil too much of the world.  In the first draft there’s a dream sequence from Zander, which dumps too much info about the world onto the reader. It led to too many more questions and didn’t add much suspense.  I’m saving his story for later; dropping subtle hints as I go.

Now that I’ve decided this, I’ll get back into writing. For now I’ll be studying Ren’s character because it’s been a long time since I’ve looked into her story.  I’m off to Atl’s house on Thursday to house sit, so I’ll get plenty of alone time. I’ll have all of Friday to focus on writing.


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