Posted by: Raws | May 7, 2011

All is Not Well in Multiplayer Minecraft

After the weather update Casey and I began to notice a lack of animals roaming around.  It came to my attention when I went looking for chickens to kill for feathers. All I found was a lone cow and two pigs. Over the next few in-game days only monsters spawned with regularity.  We could hardly make arrows and we started running out of pork. I never realized how much I went out to gather materials.  It got really boring. There have always been problems like how whole chunks of the world wouldn’t load. There were a lot of creeper problems too.

Edit:  We’ve found that staying away from that area for a while and then going back, helps. It has also been suggested that more mobs are spawning below us in caves, which apparently brings down the number of stuff on the surface.  

Here are some screenshots.

Creeper Holes

Hole in the World


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