Posted by: Raws | May 5, 2011

Midnight Showing of Thor

Waiting for the movie to start. I’ll be posting my thoughts of it after I get home. The theater is only half full too.
Be back later!!

No spoilers.

So, I’m back from the movie and am tired. But I really enjoyed it. Except for the first ten minutes that were all blurry because the 3D wasn’t working. The fight scenes were engaging.  The visuals of space were beautiful especially in 3D.  And the parts I loved most were when Thor first arrives on Earth and he’s all confused.  Plus the cameos of other characters.  I love seeing a story come together.  And this one just got me more excited for the Avengers movie. Watch it if you want to see Avengers.

I know I’ll find flaws in it later, but for now I’ll happily ride this movie high till reality comes crashing back into my life. 


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