Posted by: Raws | May 4, 2011

Reading and Blogging in the Quiet

I was going to cheat today and post about the Weekly Photo Challenge.  I find it way easier than coming up with a blog.  But the house is so quiet right now I couldn’t resist the urge to write about things. And blogging without distractions is one of my rules.

The first thing I thought about is a new book series I’m reading. Right now I’m on the third book, The Spirit Eater,  which I’m enjoying immensely.  At first I thought I was a trilogy, but when I looked at the back of this third one I was surprised to find a clip from the next book The Spirit War.  Finding this out made me stop and think about how fast I wanted to read the third.  After staying away from it for two weeks I’ve gone back to reading.  The world and the characters are just too likable for me.  I just want to read more of their adventures.

Reading is very soothing to me too.  Brings down my anxiety levels and fuels my imagination.  I even analyse the structure to compare to my own writing. I want to remain in the writing zone even if my family is leaning on me to go other ways.

Now with this done and more job applications in I think it’s time to go see  Fast Five. Or not because no one wants to go with me.


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