Posted by: Raws | May 3, 2011

Getting Nothing Done Except Sleeping

Since my boyfriend, Casey, has part of the week off for Golden Week in Japan we’ve been talking and playing Minecraft.  Pressure to look for a job hasn’t helped my state of mind either. So naturally I did not write any more of Limbo today.

Tomorrow I will get up early and start in on my chores.  But I’ll have to down a 5-hour Energy and some vitamins first. I’ve looked into natural supplements to bring down my anxiety levels.  I feel better, so something has to be working.

I have an overwhelming sense of tiredness when I wake up in the morning so I usually go back to sleep.  I could sleep for 12 hours if I’m not careful.  I’ve set my alarm and am psych-ing myself up to get out of bed when it rings. If I do lots of stuff tomorrow morning I’ll reward myself with a movie.

Soon I’ll be back on my way to bettering my life.



  1. Good to see your focusing on looking after yourself, its always important.

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