Posted by: Raws | May 2, 2011

Manga Monday: Nabari No Ou (vol 1)

I picked this one up today. Unlike last week’s, this one was interesting.  It has lots of potential. I’ll even read the next one. Hopefully it won’t become bogged down with explanations and spread thin over boring characters.

Miharu Rokujou has a wonderful indifference to the world around him.  His character speaks to the buried part of me from middle school that surfaces now and again.

Anyways, by the end of the first volume I felt satisfied.  I’m not filled with a pressing need to read the next one right now but I would like to read more. The art is pleasant to look at too, with just enough details.  Nothing new though. Check it out if you like ninjas, school stuffs, fighting, indifference, and/or sometimes weird-looking cats.



  1. OMG A fellow manga reader!!!!

    Hello! Greetings from California!

    I just finished a Korean mahnwa “narration of a 17 year old”. It’s online on Manga Here. * I do buy mangas*. This particular manga is profound and very real, not one’s typical shoujo.

    Go past the not so good drawings and you’ll find an outstanding story . In fact, I just learned it’s one of the top 10 mahnwas ever written, so far.

    • Cool, thanks for the suggestion.

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