Posted by: Raws | May 1, 2011

On the Topic of Pirates and Looking Forward to On Stranger Tides

Tonight I was reminded why I like The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy. It all started after we returned from Disneyland.  My sister insisted on re-watching all three movies and that is what we just finished doing.

The second and third may be long drawn out films, but when I first saw them in theaters I loved them.  I love movies that fuel my imagination and these movies do that for me.  After re-watching them several times I’ve pin-pointed the things I now don’t like about them.  I don’t care to go into detail because most of these problems have already been pointed out.

There are many elements I really love, despite the scenes I could do without.  Davey Jones displays the coolest powers.  There’s the detailed backdrops/scenery. The imprisoned goddess Calypso.  Tragic love stories. Angst.  All enjoyable to me.

There are some stories I could care less about seeing continued, but with Pirates I want to see more.  I sense too much potential.  It isn’t satisfying to watch the movies over again because nothing will ever change.  Somethings are good left unfinished, but when you love something enough you want to see more.  If not, then to me it feels like death.

At first I thought another movie would be dumb and just a ploy for more money. But after seeing the trailer for On Stranger Tides and re-watching the old movies I’m getting all excited again. I remember now how much I loved these movies when I first watched them. This next one better not be entirely made from a sense of greed, because those types of movies will fall flat for me (Breaking Dawn). For now, I’ll try to refrain from achieving too high of expectations.

Tomorrow is Manga Monday.


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