Posted by: Raws | April 21, 2011

Still Trying to Write More of My Book

Writer’s block.  I hates it.

I’m having trouble mostly because of the changes I’ve made to the world and I don’t like describing surroundings.

Script writing seems easier to me; except for the cinematography factor.  Writing for film is different from a novel. Though I’m no expert on the specifics of said differences. I imagine everything in my mind first before I write, so it’s like a movie to me.  But things get fuzzy when dialogue happens.

What’s been troubling me since last week is how to describe the new town they find.  I’m having to imagine it all over again due to the changes.  How should this town look after being abandoned by most of its population?  Since this is taking place in the far future, what are the buildings made of? Have the stores been stripped bare?  Or were they all closed up after being abandoned?  So many questions. I’ve had to think everything through again.

Here’s what I’ve written so far. Just three short paragraphs.


The sun was just cresting the horizon when Martin woke.  An immense feeling of peace had settled over him during the night.  Even with cramped muscles from a night spent in a car he felt as if he’d had the best sleep of his life. 

The others were still sleeping, besides his brother who was still driving.  The only change was in their surroundings. They were now in a town of dilapidated buildings of concrete and metal.  Burnt out street lights and faded signs passing by.  The only spot of color was up ahead where an impossibly lush great oak tree towered at the center of town.  As they drove closer Martin could see bright grass growing at its base.  The street wrapping around the patch of ground in a circle creating a round-a-bout. 

Just off to the right was a flashing OPEN sign of a Convenience Store; apparently the only one left intact in the whole city.  Most towns of this size would’ve had more than one to feed the locals.  After all, CS’s were the only reliable food sellers after things went Viral and one of the few government-run businesses still in place outside of the city-domes.  And that’s right where Anthony headed their car.


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