Posted by: Raws | April 14, 2011

Adventures in Gardening: Pickaxes are Your Friends

On Tuesday, my mother and I came up to spend the week with the Grandparents.  My grandma always has gardening for me to do when I’m there.   Most of the time there’s only little tasks to do like pulling weeds,  pruning plants, and generally making things look nice.  And that was what I did yesterday. I usually love gardening for my grandma but today I hit my limit.

Whilst I work I enjoy listening and singing to music from my Ipod.  This makes the work way more fun and less exhausting. But today all the music in the world could not have made me enjoy it. After today, I think I’ll always despise round river rocks.

Today, gardening kicked my ass. I’ve hit my limit. My whole body is stiff and sore; even my hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cramped up while typing this. I spend most of my time writing or reading, so I’m in no way a super fit person. But one thing I take pride in is never giving up on a physical task. I’ll keep going until someone tells me to stop. Plus, being sore brings back fond memories from my time in marching band so I don’t really mind it.  But there is a limit to how much I can take.

I was tasked with digging a monstrous bush out of the backyard and planting two plants. It took me three hours to dig that thing out.  I carried its 70 lbs to the trashcan too.  Thankfully I used the hole that was left to plant the first one. But what broke me was digging the damn hole for the other plant. Cee lo Green’s F**k You song was helpful while working; despite the fact it has nothing to do with gardening.

The first hole I did was no good because of all the leftover cement in the ground from when the patio was made. So I had to start over again farther away from the patio. Digging that hole was painful. There were so many f-ing rocks that I had to use a pickaxe to get through it all!  Pickaxes are awesome when dealing with rocks. Exhausting, but more effective than the shovel.

Finally, after eight hours of grueling yard work, I finished. Now after a shower, dinner, and blogging, I plan to either pass out or read more of The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson.


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