Posted by: Raws | April 12, 2011

Writing Limbo 4: Bringing in A Bit of a Character’s Past

This is the fourth installment of my Limbo story. (Not to be confused with the game by the same name. Pretty cool game too.)

Today, I’m writing from my grandparent’s place.  It’s really quiet here and that makes it a good place to write.

I’m not sure how long this post will be, but I’ll do my best! Time to dive right in!


Martin crossed his arms, stared back out into the black desert, and blocked out the rest of their words.  He couldn’t stand how his mood could do a complete one-eighty from elation to bitterness at the mere thought of Reavers.  No one had even mentioned them.  But he knew everyone was thinking about them.  Anthony wouldn’t even talk to him if the conversation involved them. Martin wasn’t an idiot. He could put the pieces together. The reason Zander was so shaken by leaving the safety of the barrier was because of them. Had they all really been worried one would magically pop into existence and kill them? Asinine. Reavers weren’t real.  The thing that killed half the country’s population in the a span of a month was disease not some made up demons from books and movies. Over a hundred years later the dust was settled and people were finally moving on; despite the threat of disease beyond the protected city-domes.

So why go out into the plague ridden wastes? Because of the slim possibility that Reavers exist; the source of all humanities problems. According to his brother’s friends. Martin was beyond the point of trying to reason with them.  All that matter to him was being away from his crazy and distant parents.

Plus, no more school.  Another source of torment for him. With all the disease outside of the domes no one got sick inside them. Which meant there was no way of getting out of school; unless one of your parents had a documented reason for the missed day or period.  Though their family was rich they never went on any vacations. This was mainly due to their psychotic mother who would never again be allowed to see them unsupervised.

So, even though there was a potential of death outside the city-dome Martin rather liked the idea of living with the only people to ever care about him. The ones who treated him like a real person and not some messed up abused kid.

Running all these reasons through his head calmed him and got his thoughts away from Reavers.  He was so distracted that he hadn’t noticed when Cyra put her hand on his knee.  And when had he uncrossed his arms?

All was dark now with no city lights in sight.  No one was talking anymore. Anthony was intent on driving. Zander was sleeping and Ren was pretending to sleep.  But Cyra was watching him.

“You should get some sleep,” she whispered. “There’s no telling what’ll happen tomorrow.”


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