Posted by: Raws | April 10, 2011

Making Money, Spring Cleaning, and Watching Anime

This morning I sold a decoy duck! Hopefully more will sell soon. I need some way to pay off my student loans every month.  We have a lot of items to sell from The Ranch and I’ll be selling some of it on Ebay.  The first of which are the decoy ducks.  I’ll be putting up more of them tomorrow.

After getting the good news, I cleaned up  more of the decoys, took tons of pictures, and did some more spring cleaning around the house. While I did all this everyone else in the house went into a cleaning frenzy. My mom cleaned and fixed up the old pump-organ from The Ranch.  Curt continued work of the old ford pickup. And my sister cleaned our bathroom.  A nice day of spring cleaning.

For dinner everyone had leftovers.  Then it was time to watch anime.  My sister and I first watched disc three of Mermaid Saga.  Not as good as the manga. The art is different from Rumiko Takahashi’s original work and it really changed the feel of the stories.  The animation is also sub-par.  And all the blood in the manga has been scrubbed away to shiny-glowing red or spots of dried brown. I think I’ll stick to the old OVAs and manga.

Once we slugged through that we moved on to a more entertaining one. Slayers: Evolution-R!  The Slayers series is one of our long time favorite anime. It’s nice to watch it with updated animation.  Clean and pretty.  Unlike the first two or three seasons. But we love them regardless.


Tomorrow is Manga Monday.



  1. it’s nice that he think’s that way about pensions you can plan all you want for the future ,but you need to plan for today life has to many unexpected accidents because you could be dead in the next 5 minutes

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