Posted by: Raws | April 9, 2011

More Multiplayer Minecraft: Glitches and Wolves

Since Casey -my boyfriend- is still in Japan we’ve made a habit of playing Minecraft together along with my sister.  So yesterday we played Minecraft and went in search of wolves.  In order to tame wolves you need bones and you get bones from skeletons, which mean we had to turn on monsters.  I hate playing with monsters on…they scare me. So I got Casey to kill them for me to gather bones.  Long story short we each have our own wolf or two; we made kennels for them; we built a shelter for ourselves plus a tower; we fought monsters; and we found some glitches.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate. First are the action shots when we fought monsters. Notice the shadow arrow glitches, these kept flashing on the screen well after the arrows were shot. Then there’s a few screenshots of our home.

Well, that’s all for now! Off to play more Minecraft!!



  1. It’s funny that, while I’m reading this, my boyfriend is…guess what…playing minecraft!

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