Posted by: Raws | April 7, 2011

Blackout by Rob Thurman: Review

Last week I finished the new Cal Leandros novel: Blackout! It’s my go to series for snarky angsty guys. Cal and his brother Niko are two badass guys.  One of their favorite pastimes is actually kicking butt and takin’ names.  Maybe not the names part but they do fight a lot. They’re always getting into battles with evil supernaturals and this book is no different.

But in this one there’s a twist;  Cal has lost his memory.  Amnesia put a nice spin on things.  The series was getting slightly stale for me. And originally I didn’t want to read this next one, but when I started I couldn’t stop. There’s just something about reading about a kickass character who doesn’t know how kickass he really is. That’s all I can say about the story. No spoilers from me.

So I rather enjoyed reading this new book in the Cal Leandros series. It’s not for everyone.  I’ve given up trying to get close friends of mine to read the series, but that isn’t stopping me from posting my review of it here. If you like stories about brothers that share a tragic past that kick supernatural butt and angst with a bit of snarkiness then this series is for you.

I’ve also discovered that I don’t like any of this author’s other books. I read Chimera and hated it.  It got my hopes up for some awesome mad science stuff, which never made an appearance. Then I find out there’s another book featuring those characters coming out in the summer. There was even a sneak peek for it at the end of Blackout. Will I be fooled again into reading this? Only time will tell.


Tomorrow is Photo Friday.


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