Posted by: Raws | April 5, 2011

Writing Limbo 3: Coloring the Text with Story-World Slang and Concepts

Well if anyone noticed, this post was late.  That is because I had no backlog of writing to slap onto a new post for today.  The reason I added this segment was to get me to continue writing; even if no one reads it on here.  Because I just wrote this there are bound to be mistakes and possibly a different feel to the writing.

And now that Martin, the 3rd person viewer, isn’t so tense I thought introducing some knowledge of the world you – the reader – have been thrown into was quite proper.

Also Reavers used to be called Mazoku thanks to my unhealthy obsession with The Slayers anime, but then I decided to change it to a more fitting name. I believe the source of this one comes from Firefly and an MMO called Rift.

So now onto the story!

Chapter One Continued…

“Drama queen,” muttered Martin as he sighed and glanced out the window to watch the glow from their home fading in the darkness.

Zander was always the one with the weirdest mood swings in the group.  This wasn’t the first time he had pulled something like this. Mention anything about Reavers and he would go still. Martin had learned quickly to avoid the topic of the mythological boogeymen when around him. Other than that, he was a pretty nice guy plus he never would turn down an invite to play video games. But at the moment, he seemed to be falling into one of his moods.

Martin could feel the tension building again as Zander registered the words, but instead of a snappy rebuttal there was quiet. Then a soft jab to his right arm brought back his attention to the others.  Cyra, of course, was the one to nudge him.  Her usual smile replaced by a tight line.  And a quick peek to the front showed his brother eying him through the rearview mirror and an eyebrow arched from Ren. Everyone was bracing themselves for the storm.

With a hand over his eyes, Zander let out an aggravated sounding gah. Dropping his hand from his face he gave Martin an assessing side-glare before turning away and knocking his head to rest on the window.

“Whatever man.”

“Jeez Martin.” That was Anthony. “Why do you have to go an’ say crap like that.”


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