Posted by: Raws | March 22, 2011

Writing Limbo 1: Opening

A couple of days ago I said Tuesday would be the day I’d get back to writing.  So to begin I thought to post the intro to my story Limbo. I started this way back in 2002-2003 and at the end of last year I began re-writing it. Every Tuesday I want to post more of it. Hopefully setting this goal will get me to continue writing this story down. If I keep it up for the next few weeks there may even be a category for it.

What I originally wrote can be found on from my profile link here. Though don’t bother reading it because I’ve changed things around a lot and a few of the character’s names.  I like the simplicity of this new opening. Keeps things mysterious.


Silence reigns in the outer city limits. Usually only the continuous hum of solar panels can be heard.  Glittering in the light of the moon under the iridescent barrier that encapsulates the city like a giant bubble. The solar panels sunburst out from the city-limits in straight even lines leaving periodic gaps for maintenance staff. Through one of these a vehicle speeds toward the dome.

Trailing a billowing cloud of dust it barrels on.  Besides the grinding of its tires and the buzzing of its engine all else is silent.  Each of the five people within its confines are tense with anticipation for the inevitable impact.  The young man driving grits his teeth as they draw near the dome.

The seconds before impact everyone freezes and their breath catches as the barrier shimmers harmlessly through the front of the vehicle.  There’s a brief sigh of relief until the two in the front reach its opalescent confines. The sensation was like hitting a wall of plastic wrap; encasing them in suffocating plastic until it breaks as they push through.

As each reach the outside world for the first time in twelve years a myriad of emotions pass through the group. Relief at their safe passage through the barrier.  Excitement for what lays ahead.  Joy at leaving behind their troubles in the city.  And fear of the monsters laying in wait.


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