Posted by: Raws | March 15, 2011

Pokemon Progress Update + Comments About the Animated Dante’s Inferno

I’m on my way to the Pokémon League to challenge the Elite Four!

Victory Road is rather hard if all your Pokémon are around lvl 43.  The trainers keep kicking my butt.  I end up going back to the last town to heal all my Pokémon. I’ve just been leveling them up all day. Powering through the game.

While I play Pokémon I watch movies and tonight movie was bad enough to get my to type about it on here.

I watched this animated thing of Dante’s Inferno.  Boy was it bad.  The animation changes throughout the movie, but that at least was done intentionally. They tried to do an Animatrix thing, but alas some of the studios involved sucked.  I only liked one of the sections, but by that point I couldn’t take it seriously.  The most awkward scene was in the beginning where Dante’s horse jumps off the side of a wall, backflips, and lands on its feet somehow. Weird.

Overall it was horrible.  Don’t bother watching it.



  1. Ewww…. did they have to mention ‘samurai champloo’ and ‘blood’? The trailer to Dante was horrible; how could that possibly take 6 directors?` …and was it just me or did anyone else this of Steve holt in a drees when Dante yelled “Beatrice!”? Good times arrested development.

    • Totally.

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