Posted by: Raws | March 12, 2011

Still Playing Pokemon!

My newest obsession is, of course, the new Pokémon game.  I’m on the sixth gym.  I’m liking it so far.  The only thing I hate is the look of the new Pokémon. The one water type I have so far is one that evolves into a blue pimple covered frog.  Ew. I’ve stopped caring at this point about how my party looks. All I care about now is catching them all!

I’m also feeling better. Though the drama of the earthquake in Japan didn’t help.  I felt well enough to go to my dad’s house today.  His birthday is tomorrow, so we’re all going out to lunch.

Fun times.



  1. lol i gotta agree the pokemon arnt the prettiest XD haha i liked the originals 😀 first 150 or so haha 🙂 keep working on getting well

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