Posted by: Raws | March 10, 2011

Tsunami + Earthquake in Japan


As you know, I came back from Japan at the end of January. I left my boyfriend, Casey, in Yokohama Japan. And now there’s a tsunami threatening to flood the country! He called and said he was okay, but that was before the knowledge of the tsunami and over two hours ago. I hope he’ll be okay. Yokohama is a port city too. Thank goodness he can walk back home…
That’s all for now.

Edit: Casey assures me everything is fine in Yokohama and will remain that way. The only way in is through the bay apparently? Japan is rather mountainous.  Though not sure what will be happening in the next couple hours. At this time he’s waiting it out safely in his apartment, since everyone was sent home from work. Lots of after-shocks too.

He also said the ground moved up and down instead of back-n-forth. That’s when he knew it was a big one. It even turned off the power. So after they evacuated they got to watch the buildings move and shake a bit during an after-shock.  Then they waited it out in the park till his boss sent everyone home.

Thank goodness he’s safe. But he’s still lamenting about work time lost.

Here’s a link to Japan’s tsunami warning site:


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