Posted by: Raws | March 8, 2011

The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss: Book Review

Yesterday I finally finished The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.  After I closed the book I felt satisfied.  With the first book I was left empty and wanting more; like an addict. But with this second book I felt only a slight sadness at the end.  Might be because it ends on a light note. And no kings are killed either.

Before I began reading I was under the impression Kvothe got expelled from the University in this book.  About three-quarters through I re-read the inside cover and realized I was mistaken. Once I stopped rushing to get to the juicy bits I started enjoying the book again. Though I am worried how much time will pass in the next book.  Only over a year passes in this one. Will years pass more quickly in the next? Or is Kvothe younger than he appears in the present timeline?

The only part I felt dragged a bit was the time Kvothe spends with the Adem mercenaries.  Too much time spent on displaying their ways. It felt rather long-winded to me.

This one also features more adult themes; Kvothe gets some “sex-ed” from one of the Fae, tastefully glossed over or implied. Overall it’s a strong continuation of this epic fantasy trilogy. But if I hadn’t been in desperate need of a good epic fantasy I would’ve kept an eye on it till the release date of the third one came out. But I must confess I’m a sucker for witty tragic heroes. The description for the first book enticed me as well.

That said, I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to reading the conclusion. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the last one signed too.  That way I’ll have a matching set.

If you’d like a deeper analysis for this book I recommend this review.



  1. I was very satisfied with WMF, and I mean that in a “it doesn’t matter what I read for the rest of the month, I’m sated” kind of way.

    no expulsion needed, but I think he did need to get away from the university and live a little, don’t you think? oh, such a good book. WOnder if i can read it again before it’s due back at the library? that’s right, I didn’t buy it. just couldn’t justify the cost.

    • Yeah.
      I know what you mean about the cost. I got it for 9$ at my local Borders due to the 40% off coupon and 10$ off. Plus I needed the book to get it signed and all that.

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