Posted by: Raws | March 5, 2011

Tiz the Season for Cookies and Bookies (books)

Today, as life sought to keep me from reading, I was surprised to see some Girl Scouts selling cookies outside the local grocery.  I’ve known it was cookie season but I don’t usually come across them.  I remember going several years without see them selling in front of stores especially one I frequent.  None the less they were there, so I bought myself a box of Thin Mints to horde in my room.

Anyway, I’m officially drowning in books now.  Besides Mr. Rothfuss, some of my other fav authors have new books out like River Marked by Patricia Briggs and Blackout by Rob Thurman plus books from others. Then the world conspires against me to keep me from reading said books. I’m still reading WMF (on chapter 88). If I didn’t have a life and didn’t need to sleep I probably would’ve finished by now.  I shouldn’t put myself under such pressure since the longer it takes me to read it the less I have to wait for the next/last book.

I think I’m done here.  Wanna get back to reading.


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