Posted by: Raws | March 4, 2011

SF Book Signing Recap + Photo Friday

As you can see from my last post I went to the first book event that was held in SF for Patrick Rothfuss. I went with my sister and one of my best friends. When we got to the place I was in a foul mood and I had little faith in us getting in. I’m glad I was proved wrong.

I wrote that last post while waiting to see if we could get into the event. As I was typing that post out on my phone Patrick came walking down the hallway.  I was in mid-post, so I was a little thrown off by his sudden appearance. After he left I rushed to finish the blog and post it from my phone. Later I found out it hadn’t worked hence the edit and the lack of a picture. I’ll fix that once I get the pictures of my cell.

So there he was, Patrick Rothfuss, my newest favorite. He was very gracious to speak with us “lowly” non-RSVP-ers and sign our books. It was a pleasure to speak with him and meet him.  He even told a story or two about some of the interesting people he’s met so far.  I was completely star-struck for the first five minutes.  My black mood replaced with giddy excitement.

When time came for the event to begin, they started filling the empty places in the theater with people from the lobby. Then the five of us hanging out in the hall were informed there were enough seats for us to sit in the theater lobby. So we got in and watched the whole thing on the TV!  They even recorded it for a podcast too! I’m not sure when it’ll be available or where but I’ll keep an eye out.

Not only did we get to hear Patrick read a passage and listen to him answer questions, we met/heard from Gail Carriger too.  I’ve seen her books and have always been intrigued with them, so when I got the chance I bought the first volume there and had her sign it!  She was pretty cool and I’m excited to read her books when I’m done with WMF.

Getting in and listening to them talk made my night and the day worthwhile.

I spent 40$ on books. One of these being the hardcover of The Name of the Wind, which I also got signed. I even gave him some candy I brought back from Japan. I hope he liked them.

We drove back to Fresno right after and arrived home at two in the morning.  The only thing I regret is bringing someone along who had/has no inclination of reading his books.  Still steaming.  Lesson learned.

Oh, and because it’s Photo Friday here’s some photos. First up is the hot cake candy I gave him (taken with Retro Cam). Second is of my signed copy NOTW. Sorry for the crap quality.





  1. gee, i wonder where you got that ‘crappy’ picture form?

    • where’s it say crappy picture?
      ipod touch has a shit camera like 1 MP or something

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