Posted by: Raws | February 27, 2011

On the Topic of the 83rd Academy Award Nominees

Today is the 83rd Academy Awards! And before the results are in I wanted to put in my two cents about who I think/want will/to win. The only categories I really care to blog about are Animated Feature Film and Best Picture.

For Animated Feature Film,  I’d want How to Train Your Dragon to win, but realistically I think it’ll be The Illusionist. I loved Toy Story 3 too but then I saw clips of The Illusionist and that impressed me more. I’m enamored with traditional animation, so this one gets more points for being hand drawn.  I never got around to seeing the movie but just by watching the trailer I know it’s good. The Illusionist may be my top pick, but I wouldn’t mind if one of the others wins.

But of course Toy Story 3 won. Disney pay off?

For Best Picture, I think The King’s Speech.  It just feels like a movie the Academy would pick. I did love the movie too for its realism and great acting.  I thought Inception was interesting too. Movies about dreams are awesome in my book. I may not have seen all the movies nominated but I did see one I don’t want to win; Black Swan.  Just not for Best Picture. Please?

And The King’s Speech won!! Yay!

Now time to watch!


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