Posted by: Raws | February 23, 2011

Growing Out of YA: Thoughts on Angel by James Patterson and Brain Jack by Brian Falkner

This week I’ve finished reading two books in the Young Adult genre.  Angel by James Patterson and Brain Jack by Brian Falkner. The first is the second to last book in the Maximum Ride series and the other is a stand alone novel.  They both were easy reads but entertaining.

I’m reviewing these on the same post because I finished them in the same way; in a hurry.  I feel like I’m growing out of my YA phase. I’ll continue reading my favorite authors in the genre like Tamora Pierce and Amelia Atwater-Rhodes etc, but I’ll only read others if they come highly recommended. I realized this after rushing to finish Brain Jack two days ago. But tonight is when I started making the connections and these two books got me to connect the dots. I’ve started to become disenchanted with the whole genre.  But I won’t let it stop me from finding good reads from YA authors.

I first fell in love with James Patterson’s character Max in her first incarnation in When The Wind Blows.  Wings plus mad scientists equals instant love. Then he started the Maximum Ride series and I’ve read them since.  After my initial joy of reading about the bird-kids again I started loosing interest in what was happening.  I knew that whatever happened in this book wouldn’t be as exciting as the conclusion to the series. So I know I’ll buy and read the last book when it comes out next year, but I won’t read any more of his YA novels.  They seem to only be written to make money off kids. I could write a whole blog about my distaste for his others.

And then I read Brain Jack by Brian Falkner.  It had so much potential in the beginning.  The cover was cool and the concept intriguing, but I mainly bought it for research on YA science fiction.  I liked it till I figured out where the story was going and after that I finished in a hurry. The book did give me ideas for my science fiction story and gave me hope that if his book got published then maybe mine can too.

Overall, these books didn’t connect with me on the level I’m use to.  Between reading those two, I read more of Young Miles and started two other hardcore fantasy books.  I found I’m enjoying those more. Plus I want to make way for Patrick Rothfuss’s new book The Wise Man’s Fear.  I’ll stop reading all my others for it, so I’m trying to finish as many books in the pile as I can.

Now with this review out of the way I can go watch American Idol!


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