Posted by: Raws | February 17, 2011

Koko Be Good by Jen Wang: A Graphic Novel Review

Jen Wang has been one of my favorite web/comic artists since high school and now she’s published!  She hooked me with her web-comic Strings of Fate and I’ve been a fan of her work from then on.

Koko Be Good is based on her short-story comic of the same name about a girl/woman who decides to become “good”. The short only features Koko, but in the fleshed out version she added a second character, Jon.  He’s planning to go to Peru with his girlfriend, but becomes unsure if that’s the right decision. It follows Koko and Jon’s adventures in finding their own paths in life. A very believable and heartfelt story.

I loved reading it.  Jen knows how to convey a story with pictures instead of lots of text.  Beautifully drawn and laid out. I’d love to see her do this with Strings of Fate. A girl can dream, right?

I love it when my favorite webcomic artists get published and “make it big”.  I can’t wait to read more graphic novels from my favs. Makes me happy.

Tomorrow is Photo Friday.

On a side note:  The new season of Survivor is HILARIOUS! I love Rob! L.O.L. Some of those people are so dumb too. Haha! … Another show to distract me from typing.


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