Posted by: Raws | February 16, 2011

My Love of Internet Video Personalities

I received my package today! Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing one of the books I got; Koko Be Good by Jen Wang. I was going to do that tonight but I’m running out of time…and I’ve been getting distracted.

So instead I want to type about one of my favorite online video reviewers; That Guy With the Glasses‘ Nostalgia Critic. I love his reviews and I’m even watching them now. Very distracting and funny.  Some aren’t so funny but I can’t think of a particular one. Watching his reviews got me analyzing movies too; made me think more.

I also like watching The Angry Video Game Nerd and Hey Ash What’cha Playin’. Classics.  Not all their stuff is funny but regardless I enjoy watching the episodes.

So tomorrow will be about Koko Be Good and my love of Jen Wang’s work.


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