Posted by: Raws | February 15, 2011

Too Many Things To Do

I don’t feel like writing a long post today, but only because the last two were long.

I’ve found that, despite not being employed or in school, I still have plenty to do (aside from job hunting).  I make an effort to apply to at least one job everyday though that isn’t enough for some people in my family. I am blessed with a caring family but without them I would probably have more free time. I help my mom make dinner almost every night and sometimes I do it all by myself. I also try to spend most of the day with her to keep her company.  My mom has been disabled since I was in high school, but I’ll save the topic for another post.

Between all the time I spend with my family I’ve managed to write a blog. I should devote a portion of my day to writing my stories. From experience I’ve discovered my idle time to write should not be at the end of the day because most of the time I’m too tired. The one thing I can manage before bed is reading. So tomorrow morning I’m going to write some fiction.

Time seems to fly by with all the housework, applications, TV shows, books, and blogging. I need to work out a timetable to manage my time better. At least I’ve kept up this blog!



  1. The more you do, the more you can cram in!

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