Posted by: Raws | February 14, 2011

Manga Monday: Loveless

Happy Valentine’s Day and Singles Awareness Day!

In honor of this day I thought to pick an appropriate manga to highlight and this was the first to come to my mind:


I’ve read, Loveless, since I saw the anime adaptation.  When I finished the anime I got confused because it didn’t seem finished.  I thought, “There has to be more to this story.” Then I found out about the manga. My suspicions were correct; the story wasn’t over.

From various interviews of the mangaka I imagine she came up with the idea as follows:

Little boys look so cute with cat ears and tails!! But old men look kinda creepy with ’em. What could that symbolize? Oh! I know “Innocence”! That’s good. Now to figure out the bondage part… that can be part of the fighting style! Fighters and Sacrifices! Perfect!

That’s a bit over simplified but you get the picture.  The creator seems to of joined some of her favorite things and made a manga out of it.  She does it quite well too.  I sure enjoy reading it and others as well.

When I read one of her interviews I got the impression she has a similar creation style to my own; based on feeling. This has led to long hiatus’ and short chapters in the recent years. Published in (Zero Sum) a monthly mag. typically means the chapters are about 30 pages long. They should, but for the last two years or so her chapters range from six to eight pages. And some of the later chapters are side stories.

Overall the art is beautiful and the plot dark. Loveless falls into the shounen-ai category. So if boy love makes you nervous then this one is not for you. I also recommend reading the official translations (in a perfect world you should always support the official releases by buying them!). I say this because of how the fighting style is set up. It’s all done with the power of words (and emotions) so if the translations aren’t good those scenes can be ruined.

So that’s my pick for Manga Monday. Come back next week for more!


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