Posted by: Raws | February 13, 2011

The First Books I Ever Hated: The Fisherman’s Children duet

So I promised a book review of the worst series I’ve read. One I forced myself to finish despite hating the characters, the world, and the writing. But why would I even begin to read something I ended up hate so much in the end? I’ll start from the beginning.

The first series I read by Karen Miller was her Rogue Agent series (written under K. E. Mills). I fell in love those characters and the stories within each novel. I trusted her style enough to go seek out her other books.  I first found her Godspeaker Trilogy but decided not to read it because it didn’t seem like the kind of story I’d like.  Then I picked up the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duet. That seemed like a more interesting story to me so I read both books. The first was a bit slow but since I had the next book in hand I didn’t mind. Those two books together were fine. Nothing special, but good enough to pass the time between the Rogue Agent books.

I should have stop there because I really wasn’t in love with the characters. In the beginning its world intrigued me because of the non-magic users being oppressed by the mages. But then it turned out they do have a more subtle magic. So everyone has magic now?

Okay, so by the end of the two books I was glad it was over. Or was it? Someone decided it would be a good idea to drag-out the story further. “Oh, you thought you defeated the bad guy? Guess again!” At least the explanation for why that is was actually believable.

I got duped into reading the sequel. I should’ve realized it could only get worse. The pacing in the first two (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series/duet) wasn’t too bad when I read it. But when I started to analyze them I realized they could’ve been cut down to one book. Nothing interesting happens in the first book aside from people dying. But those books don’t even compare to the sequel duet.

The Fisherman’s Children duet… how I loath you. Horrible pacing. Threadbare world-building. Unlikable/unnecessary characters and events.  Yoda speak. Unemotional writing (at times).

The first book started out okay because not all books need to be fast paced in the beginning. But when it takes over-half of the book to get to a major event then something is wrong. Nothing intriguing happens! I was waiting for things to get good! But that didn’t happen till the last 50 pages. It was like watching filler episodes in an anime and then watching one good main story episode at the end. Then it ended on a cliffhanger!

I was so pissed after finishing the Prodigal Mage I threw it across the room! I was so disgusted didn’t even want to read the last book. It broke the fourth wall for me about books.  I started analyzing its structure and wondering why they thought people would like this stretched out monstrosity. It could’ve been one book! Those two books are so stuffed full of fluff.

There is so much I hate about the last book. You can even read my first review of it on Amazon here.

I got up the courage to read it during one of the worst summers of my life. Seeing as I read one of my favorite books of 2010 at the time shows that if it had been good it would’ve been an escape for me instead of the torture sessions it ended up being. Reading that book was torturous. The bad things outweigh the good ten to one. By the end, I wanted the bad guy to win and kill all the main characters.

I skimmed over the parts with Deenie traveling because they were worthless.  The only good thing was she was actually taking a stand to fight. FINALLY! No more moping around. Finally using magic.

I also hated the Yoda speak of the people from the other kingdom. PAINFUL. I couldn’t care less about the new characters in this last one. And speaking like Yoda didn’t make it better.

I was so glad when it was over. I learned my lesson to never continue with a series if it disgusted me.  I felt like I’d been betrayed by the author. Backstabbed. I almost de-fan-ed her on Facebook. But then she mentions on her news-feed that she’s writing another Rogue Agent book (under the name K.E. Mills)!! I’m so excited! But I also feel like an abused wife going back to her husband after a beating. It really isn’t that bad…I think.

Those are the first two books I’ve ever hated. The ones I don’t recommend to my friends. The ones I never want to read again.  I’ve almost gone as far as burning the Prodigal Mage. But I’m getting over my anger with writing this review and donating the books to my library.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day as well as Manga Monday. I have one in mind.

Sorry for the long post.


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