Posted by: Raws | February 12, 2011

Finding Old Treasures and Visiting Childhood Memories

Tiring day…

I woke up at 5:45am and left the house at 6:38am.  I drove with my step dad up to my grandparent’s old house near Tracy.  Lots of cool stuff there. There are several old buildings there. All cobwebby and dusty. A bit sad and lonely. The house itself is really old so now without anyone living there everything looks in need of some tlc. Winter made the landscaping look dreary too. I still took pictures. But not many since we didn’t want to stay there all day.

After looking around the empty house and shoving the pump-organ into the back of the car (Really heavy! My arms and hands still hurt…) we went to look at the tool shed/building.  Cobwebs, dust, and old tools EVERYWHERE!! We didn’t find many cool surprises there.  But in the barn we found a pile of decoy ducks (23)! These are super old too.

We moved a bunch of other random stuff into the car like boxes of nails and army jeep gas cans. Once the car was all loaded up we went home. Arrived back at 3:00pm.  Had to unload everything before we could sit down for dinner. Ate pie and am now watching Enchanted on BlueRay.

I’m not good at writing blogs while watching a movie even if I’ve seen it before.  Hard to think of anything to write other than regurgitating the day’s events. Since I’m tired there are sure to be many random typos and mistakes. Though WordPress is really good at catching these most of the time.

So, tomorrow will be a random.  I have some ideas for some book reviews. I may even post a rant about my least favorite book of all time! One that, for a few months, put me off reading an author I thought I could trust to write good books.  Just thinking about it pisses me off. I’ll try to contain my fury for the post.

Until then.


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