Posted by: Raws | February 10, 2011

Darren Shan: Author/Book Review

I’ve always been intrigued with author Darren Shan. He writes horror books for kids/young adults. I picked up his Cirque du Freak series just as it was finishing and wanted to read more.  I happened to begin reading it during October and decided it was the perfect Halloween book series.  I must confess, I did skip a book somewhere in there (#9?) because they definitely suffer from filler arcs.  (Don’t get be started on the Vampinese ugh…). I did love the twist at the end though a bit sad.

Once that series was over I started in on the Demonata series. I loved it at first.  Then it became too depressing.  I just read the second to last book and again I’m unsure if I want to finish it.  I think I have to take a break and finish other ones before I start on it.  I have to be in the mood for horror/gore.  I’m thinking I’ll wait on it till the paperback comes out. This is the second book I’ve finished this week that left me empty.  The first being Vlad.

The ninth book is a real downer. People die. Enough said.

I think I’m just forcing myself to finish books I really don’t want to read now.  And Darren Shan is just too good at zapping hope from the world.  I almost bought another one of his books today too, but stopped myself.  It was called Procession of the Dead. I then reminded myself I wasn’t in the mood for that type of book. I really don’t need to add another one to the pile but I’ll keep my eye on it.

So instead of finishing off two series’ I’m starting another called The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron. I bought that one before I went to Japan and am only half-finished.  I’m also reading the Young Miles anthology.  I read as much as I can everyday from them both. I’m enjoying them.

The books that really interest me are ones that are similar to my own.  The stories are in no way the same but share a few choice elements. Like the wrongly accused or mad scientists. It’s very thrilling and a bit scary to read the back of a book and see a concept you’ve thought about.

I’ve only run across ones that are a bit similar like this book by Cinda Chima called The Demon King.  The character Han is close to one of my own and so is the princess character.  The world they’re in is way different from mine but those two reminded me of my own.  Though I must admit the princess could be considered a stock princess but she grows as a strong character. Maybe I’ll introduce my characters sometime in the future. I’m still unsure if they’re developed enough.

Tomorrow is Photo Friday.


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