Posted by: Raws | February 7, 2011

Manga Monday: D. Gray-man

Originally I wanted this post to be about Shounen Jump but when I began writing I remembered the only manga I still enjoy is no longer published within its pages.  D. Gray-man began in Shounen Jump but switched to Jump Square in 2009.  So then I tacked on Jump Square to the title but alas that didn’t work either.  The only title I’ve read from Jump Square is D. Gray-man and the only one I like still from Shounen Jump is D. Gray-man.

I was going to talk about how I used to love Naruto and Bleach and such but I don’t feel like those are worth my time. I’ve typed about Bleach already. I’m sad to say that it’s gotten boring again too.

D. Gray-man has gone on since 2004.  It is one of those rare mangas that I love reading over again. As well as one I’ve made an effort to buy. The art is interesting to look at, but not one of the best though it has improved over the years.

A big example of this is when I bought the 2011 calendar and found I regretted my choice; for some reason I find myself aways hating their choice of pictures with the calendars. The only other Shounen Jump mangas I will buy calendars for are Nurarihyon and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I just love to look at their art. For D. Gray-man my love only extends to certain characters like Allen and some of the Noah.  That’s not to say it has hideous art but I’ve seen better.  It looks way better than Yu-gi-oh; nothing is more hideous than the Yu-gi-oh manga.

The story for D. Gray-man has always held my attention unlike One Piece or Bleach.  It isn’t spread thin over hundreds of characters.  I don’t want to read about some bit character’s tragic past if it has no bearing on the main plot.  I’m not typing about the current story but the main overarching one. If they aren’t a lasting character then save it for a spin-off.  D. Gray-man rarely suffers from this.

All this typing about it makes me want to reread it.  I can’t wait to read the next chapter too.  And I’m looking forward to reading the next official release.  Volume 20 came out on the first but no bookstore I’ve been to has it…

Tomorrow I may feel like writing a book review if I’m not too tired from sanding and staining cabinets.



  1. Quite the pick! I agree completely!

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