Posted by: Raws | February 6, 2011

Super Bowl And the Daily Post Topic

Today was the Super Bowl!! And the Packers WON! Wow, cool. I’ve always liked them for some unknown reason. The commercials were nice to watch as well. Not sure what my favorite would be mainly because no one sticks out in my mind. Though I do remember all the cool movie trailers.

Anyways, today’s Daily Post topic was an easy one for me. I would simply say no.  In the long run I could not live without the internet.  It just provides too much convenience. I know I won’t die without it.  Truthfully, I’ve always fancied living off the grid. I would really miss all the shows the internet has allowed me to see.  And all the people I can talk to through it. So though I know I could go without it I would only do so if a catastrophic event occurred. Life would be simpler then.



  1. haha yea!! im almost always on the inet too!! but its true x) theres just so much you can do now with the internet! its amazing!!

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