Posted by: Raws | February 1, 2011

The Daily Post Topic: Venting

In the last couple of blogs I’ve told what the next day’s would be about at the end of each one.  This has been in an attempt to help me plan out my blogs better.  It has helped but some of these have felt forced.  This is partly because I’m back home where there are lots of distracting people and things. Mainly when I sit down to write.  I’ve also had to deal with emotional stress.  Being away from Casey isn’t helping and neither are impending job interviews.

I’ve wanted to vent about life stuff for a few days now.  Then Daily Post provided a topic about venting (topic #30).  So that’s what I’m going to blog about today.

I’m trying my hardest not to let life drive me crazy.  I’ve found comfort in books and writing this blog but when things get in the way of my writing/stories my stress level goes up.  Putting things off doesn’t help either. Hopefully writing a rant on my stressors will help me through.

My poor car, figuratively, falling apart is pissing me off.  Especially when I’m accused of being the cause.  When my sister bought her car the sales guy made a big deal about maintenance that would be needed on it.  She also has a job to pay for it.  I was lucky enough to be given a car when I was in high school. But no one ever taught me how to take care of it besides oil changes and washing.  I don’t see my parents taking their cars in for yearly car checkups.   I love my car, but I’ve never had any spare income for maintenance on it. Now I’m expected to come up with money for it. Just another damn thing for me to worry about.  Do they want me to go crazy?

I’m done with my rant for now. There is good news though; I’ve got an interview tomorrow.  May lead to a job. Tomorrow’s blog will showcase an author I’ve loved since high school. Or not.


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