Posted by: Raws | January 31, 2011

Manga Monday: Deadman Wonder Land

I’ve decided to make Mondays be about manga here on my blog.  I read manga all the time and am constantly finding new ones to enjoy. I’m not sure if I want the other weekdays to have themes, but I might do it to give more structure to my blog. I know I’m not the first person to use the phrase “Manga Monday” but I hope to make it a part of my blog instead of just a one time deal. So from now on Mondays will be manga Mondays. Now for the first manga: Deadman Wonder Land

I first saw this one in Shounen Ace back in 2007 when I first went to Japan. In the begin I thought it was called Carnival Corpse because of the title of the chapter I found. A couple of days ago I finally looked it up on the internet and found out what the real name was: Deadman Wonder Land.

I never made much of an effort to look it up then because the number of chapters out at the time were only 13. It looked like one I’d enjoy, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to stock pile chapters to read later.  Until recently I’d forgotten all about it until I cleaned out my old manga-mags to make more room for other things. That’s when I googled it and found the wiki article about it.

What got me hooked was the mad science stuff. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing; crazy experiments, mad scientists, etc. The one thing that bugged me was how the main character got falsely convicted.  Things like that would never happen in the US. But to avoid any spoilers I won’t type more on that part.

I’ve enjoyed it so far. Though there are lots of gorge and fighting, so this one is definitely not for kids.  If you have the money or know-how you should go check it out! The first three volumes are available from Tokyopop too! Volume four is even coming out next week.

That’s it for manga this week. Come back next Monday for more. Until then it’s back to random bloggings.


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