Posted by: Raws | January 27, 2011

Cordelia’s Honor: Book Review

So on the plane ride back to the States I finished reading Cordelia’s Honor; a sci-fi compilation book chronicling the ‘adventures’ of Cordelia Naismith. The first book was a bit slow in the beginning but finally picked up speed after the first couple chapters. There’s betrayal and political intrigue and galactic travel. The second book is not as interesting as the first. This was mostly due to the fact that I knew her baby survives so all the tension went out the window with that. I did love reading it.

I really wanted to start with the main series but Casey insisted I read about Miles’ parents. I’m glad I did. Now I get to read about Miles! I can’t wait to see what adventures he’ll get into. I’m already liking his character. You can also find these books for free; not sure where but I’m sure they aren’t hard to find.

From now on when I finish a book that I find interesting I’ll post a review of it here. If I like it enough I’ll put it in my recommendations. Tomorrow’s will hopefully be in the writing category.



  1. Her baby makes it! Lol, jk, no idea what it’s about, but it does sound good. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi political stuff (a la Frank Herbert! His chronicles of Dune are slow reads, but well worth wading through for the absolutely mind-blowing conclusion). Sonja gave me the name of another book about a guy who is an exorcist and his best-friend is possessed by a demon and what not, but I forgot the name now!! Will get it for you cause I think you might enjoy that too. I think the second book in that series is called “Vicious Circle”, but not sure o_O

    • Thanks for the book suggestion. I love finding new ones to read.

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