Posted by: Raws | January 26, 2011

Last Day In Japan

Today is my last day in Japan. I still need to do some last-minute packing so I’ve gotta do this fast.

Since Japan is “in the future” I’ll get to relive the 26th. It also means I’ve been getting “Happy Birthday” wishes on Facebook for two days depending on where people are. For some reason I’ve received more of these than last year. It makes me feel really happy. But because I’m leaving my boyfriend here I’ve had to fight off sadness… “Happy Birthday”s help and so do comments.

Yesterday I ate lots of good food for my birthday. It was also sad because it was our (Casey and me) last full day together. This morning we ate at the local Denny’s for breakfast. Afterwards we watched the birds in the park (Kishine-koen). Now it’s time for me to finish packing so I can be ready to leave for the bus stop at 12:40.



    Also-safe flight home and sorry you have to separate with your bf for a while, but know at least that the net has made our world a little smaller, at least, and you won’t be gone long from Japan, eh. 😀 Cheers!!!

  2. awwh ;D happy belated 🙂 hope you had a good one :D!! d ^_^ b

    • Thanks!!

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