Posted by: Raws | January 25, 2011

Birthday Blogging and The Perfect Sunday

I’m celebrating my birthday today!! Happy Birthday to me. Because of this I want to keep this blog short and sweet.

Thanks to the Daily Post I decided to blog about my perfect Sunday. This question reminds me of beauty pageants but what the hell I can’t think of anything else.

My perfect Sunday would be spent curled up with my boyfriend on a large comfortable bed either reading or watching shows and building Gundam models.  Breakfast in bed.  A nice leisurely walk in the afternoon watching the birds in a park or some such nature-y spot particularly on a sunny day.  Go out to dinner somewhere.  Spend the rest of the day watching good stuffs in bed.  Relaxing. Just Casey and me.

I could probably think up more details about the setting and such but I not feel like it.  This is a combination of reality and fantasy.  I could theoretically have this perfect Sunday sometime in the future.  If I do I’ll definitely blog about it.

Tomorrow I’m leaving Japan. I plan to write the next blog before I leave for the bus that takes me to the airport. Until then.



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  2. Hey Happy Birthdday, sorry i’m like a day late.

    Breakfast in Bed, you can’t beat it. it’s what sundays are made for.

    • Thanks!

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