Posted by: Raws | January 23, 2011

The Topic of a Friend

Today, the Daily Post suggested the question: How do you define the word friend?

This got me thinking of my days in college where the teacher would pose such questions to get us thinking.  This happened a lot in a class called Mentor everyone was required to take at my college.  This question reminded me about an article we read about the degrees of friendship.  It was by a famous philosopher though I can’t recall which one. The article basically defined degrees of friendship.

Just something that came to my mind after reading the question. A friend to me means one who I know and share the same values with.  As long as we share something in common and are relatively loyal to one another. Like all things there are degrees of friendship but I not writing a paper about it; just a blog.

Since I’m doing the postaday2011 I don’t want all my posts to be über long. It is Sunday at the moment so Casey is distracting me with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Multiplayer on that game is very fun to watch.  After I’m done here we’ll be playing Mario Galaxy 2 together.

Until tomorrow.



  1. Interesting post. The word friend has become so flexible in todays world. Good luck with the post-a-day by the way.

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