Posted by: Raws | January 22, 2011

Busy Day

Very busy. I only have enough energy to regurgitate the day’s events.

Woke up at 9~9:30am to jump out of bed and rush over to the Toys-R-Us near Shin-Takashima to see if they had any of the elusive Metals from OOO. No such luck but we consoled ourselves by watching The Green Hornet at 109 Cinema.  We enjoyed it.  Lots of improbable stunts but really fun to watch.

Since we had the time, we decided to go drop off my résumé at ISE. They were the first and only ones to respond to my mass cold-call email. I opted to bring in the documents myself to show some initiative.  The area it’s located has a rather nice feel to it.  Casey and I enjoyed looking around.

When that tension was over we headed to Kawasaki.  We filled our stomachs with delicious Chinese food in the 0101 building for lunch/dinner.  It passed the time till we got to rock out at the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue Music Live Concert. I loved it! Except for the part where I was so tired I started to fall asleep during the talking bits.

I’m exhausted from such a full day of adventures and stresses from personally handing in my résumé.  Now its time to relax and watch Doctor Who!


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